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Praise for removable griddle / American Range Performer 30"

Kitchen Icons

Kitchen Icons has tested the American Range 30" Performer plus the "Removable Griddle" option which also just arrived. See photos attached. The results are excellent.

For larger ranges a custom inserted griddle or charbroiler is available permanently, yet in the case of a smaller range (like 30") this gives you about 12"x17" of usable griddle space. We loved how when done simply wash and stowe away or set back on the range! Season the griddle just as you would a new wok!!

For the grilled sandwich,  Swiss & Irish cheddar cheeses are layered with tomatoes, apple wood peppered bacon onto fresh sourdough. Served with side of guacamole salsa.

Results are stupendous,  as you can see in the pics. Note the clever top vent on the removable griddle which pushes hot air over top of your product while grilling. Ingenious Americans!!

Another great victory by American Range. Some the finest cooking equipment available anywhere. Professional restaurant stuff in people's homes!

It's all about the tools, accessories and the specifications. Add super fresh food, sprinkle in a little training and you've arrived in style affordably!

Wolf--eat your heart out! This American Perfomer 30" nailed it. Next time we may even order the accessories in "triple dipped" chrome. Just too much fun.

Now to install the 20" stainless steel high back shelf. Next week perhaps a review of the stunning new Fhiaba Brilliance refrigeration unit that just came in from Italy. Showroom #2 taking shape.